The technique of patting : an ancient technique that improves your skincare

Patting is a caressing of the face with certain and specific movements that allow you to achieve, thanks to a mechanical action of your hands, an increase in the absorption and effectiveness of cosmetics as well as achieve a facelift effect on the face and neck.

Korean women believe that the hotter the hand, the easier the product will absorb the skin. REMEMBER THIS

Rubbing, which you could do without even thinking about it as you go through the morning or nightly skin care routine, is one of the most controversial beauty themes.

According to several beauty experts, caressing is a standard practice for skin care, not only in Japan but also in South Korea.

The basic purpose of Patting is to promote a DELICATO skin massage. This type of mechanical action reduces the redness to the minoand and increases the absorption time of cosmetics but above all it becomes a moment of relaxation.

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Let’s see how to do it

Step 1: Warm up your hands by rubbing them.

Step 2: Choose the right cosmetic: a rich moisturizer, a serum (the most suitable thing is an emulsion. We could take a cream and put a few drops toner you to make the cream a fluid emulsion) and put it in the palm of your facial hand.

Step 3: Apply the cosmetic to the palm and distribute it on it.

Step 4: Start the various pats.

PAT 1: Pat your skin to cover your entire face with cosmetics

Put one hand on your forehead and the other hand on your chin and press for two seconds. Then put both hands on both cheeks and press for another two seconds, repeat the operation twice: the goal is to transfer the product from the palms of your hands on to the skin and make sure to press firmly; the skin absorbs the product better.


PAT 2: Massage the middle part of the face with your fists

Doing this twice helps to improve circulation. Start just below your cheekbones, using the bits of the indicator’s two fingers, move towards your temples in an outward motion.

PAT 3: Massage the entire face contour

It promotes lymphatic drainage to help flush out toxins and release fluid buildup, which can inflate the face. Koreans love everything to do with slimming down their face. Using the fingerofs of the indicator again, smooth the nose along the top of your forehead, then move up and down the sides of your face, including your jaw.



PAT 4: Use index polylacrates to gently massage the area under the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling

Start with your nose and move outwards. Be sure to press the temples slightly to relieve the pressure


PAT 5: Ends by massaging the neck with your fists

People usually neglect to take more care of the skin in that part of the body, plus it helps to relieve any tension that you can keep in that area. Move from the base of the neck to the chin with an upward thrust motion.


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