Plant stem cells, what are they? Why am I a powerful Antiage and Lifting?

Lately there has been more and more talk of stem cells in cosmetics. But what are they really? Why use cosmetics that contain it?

What are plant stem cells?

Let’s see what stem cells are and clarifying that in medicine human ones are the protagonists while in cosmetics plants and fruits are used.

Plant stem cells are extracts of plants, flowers and fruit, used above all in the so-called “regenerative medicine“, as plant stem cells allow the stimulation of fibroblasts and the restoration of collagen, thus regenerating the tissues and reactivating the processes biological slowed down with age because they contain the so-called “EGF-like” (Epidermal growth factor – epidermal growth factors), similar to human ones and used in cosmetics to restore skin or hair functions.

Anti-aging treatment: cultivation and extraction of plant stem cells

Meristematic cells, or plant stem cells, can be grown in the laboratory on the basis of certain growth parameters monitored to obtain an optimal stimulation of the production of certain substances whose accumulation is of interest for cosmetic applications. In this way, it is possible to obtain plant extracts based on substances obtained from plant stem cells with a high concentration of reproducible molecules. A further advantage given by in vitro cultivation is represented by the natural absence of pesticides and pollutants, potentially present in common plants grown in other conditions.

From stem cell cultures, therefore, cosmetic ingredients are obtained that are useful for counteracting, preventing or reducing skin aging and other skin imperfections.

How do they work in cosmetics?

Stem cells grown in the laboratory are rich in mineral salts, sugars, proteins, phenols, amino acids and lipids useful for keeping the skin toned and elastic and able to protect the skin from the stress that counteracts aging.

Over the years, the presence of stem cells decreases giving rise to the senescence of the tissues, including the skin. In other words, aging cannot be circumvented while the precocity and evidence of the signs of aging can be controlled.

Given the excellent anti-aging and lifting properties, the hera laboratory has created a line based on nariciso plant stem cells, it contains many plant cells as many as 3 million nariciso cells which makes it a powerful unique, modern and powerful anti-aging.

The plant cell line of narcissus is HERA SIGNIA and is the fruit of Amorepacific’s 50 years of research on plant cells. Three million narcissus plant cells are placed inside the products.

Restores natural health and beauty thanks to its amazing skin enhancing effect.