Double cleansing the oriental cleansing technique for flawless skin

What exactly is double facial cleansing?

It is a matter of using two detergents in a precise sequence, both in the evening and in the morning: the first is an oil-based cleansing, essentially a phase of removal of makeup and all fat-based impurities such as smog and, indeed, make-up. The second is a water-based cleaning that refines the previous step and removes dead cells, dust, impurities and everything that is dry-based.

How do I double cleansing?

In the korean routine, for the first step of oil-based cleansing, a cleansing oil or a balm cleansing is used. Dry face and dry hands: dose a small amount of product and begin to gently massage your face insisting on the T-zone and the most made-up parts of the face. Balms melt in contact with the heat of the hands and face and form a milky liquid that removes all the dirt in a very pleasant way.
Avoid wipes, cotton discheves and later pieces, they are still abrasive, and will never be as delicate as the touch of your hands. In addition, Korean cosmetics are so effective that there is no need to rub: the makeup magically melts in contact with the oil.

Lately Korean cosmetics are starting to propose cleansing water, super delicate liquid cleansing products to be used especially for the eyes. They recall the micellar water that we are used to in the West, but they do not contain micelles at all and they are cleaning products that have a strong moisturizing power.

Continuing in the beauty routine, after rinsing the face with cold water or, at most, warm, the second pass of water-based cleansing is performed with a cleansing cream, a gel or a mousse. Korean women love the comfort of mousses, delicate and fluffy foams that pass on the face eliminating the residues of the previous step and refining the cleanliness.

Double cleansing is the fundamental basis for preparing the skin to receive the assets of subsequent steps such as essences, serums and moisturizers. Having a clean face makes moisturizers much better performing.

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