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Have you wondered why Korean women always have that light, compact and spotless skin? Simple. Every day they use the sunscreen. More and more dermatologists recommend the constant use of sunscreens even in the cold seasons to avoid the onset of skin pigmentation due to UV rays.

KBC sunscreens HAVE A DOUBLE PROTECTION AND A TRIPLE FUNCTION. It simultaneously blocks UVA and UVB rays with a high sun protection factor of SPF50 + / PA +++ and also hydrates and supports your skin! Dr. Park always thinks to your well-being.

All KBC products are selected for the needs of each biotype.

Do not know which product to choose for your face? Visit the “WHAT SKIN DO YOU HAVE?” Section Finally, if you have no idea where to place the product you have chosen in your skincare, visit the DISCOVER SKINCARE STEPS section.

All KBC products are of excellent quality, FDA certified, free of additional substances and not tested on animals