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Sulwhasoo’s philosophy follows the point of view of the East where everything is connected organically to constitute a whole. Sulwhasoo begins with the wisdom of Asia, which believes that nature and humans, body and mind are not separate but one and give importance to harmony and balance. The brand recreates valuable ingredients that have been passed down for thousands of years using modern skin science and looks deeply into the root causes of the problems we see on the surface as a way to offer holistic beauty – providing holistic solutions for the skin.

Since the launch of ABC Ginseng Cream, Korea’s first oriental medicine cosmetic, in 1966, Amorepacific’s oriental medicine research led to the birth of Sulwhasoo. The brand has combined modern skin science and technology with oriental wisdom that has been recognized over time in history, such as its understanding of the ingredients of oriental medicine, traditional prescriptions and 7-year cycle theory from the traditional medical book. Korean Donguibogam (Principles and practice of oriental medicine). Sulwhasoo has grown into an unmatched beauty brand that captures a unique prescription for skin care.

Sulwhasoo is loved and adored as a holistic beauty brand that shares the wisdom of Asia not only in Korea but by customers all over the world, based on its exclusive and prescription ingredients that hold Sulwhasoo’s unique values ​​and medicine technology Eastern developed over 50 years.