Prepare your skin for the Sun: Here’s what you MUST know

With the arrival of summer, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and you want to have a nice tan.

Tanning is not to be taken at hand because it can lead to even serious problems and because you need the right methods to benefit from it.

The tan does not refer only to the sun that you can take to the sea, but also to the sun in the mountains or in the city.

First of all it is good to use SUN CREAMS that protect from ultraviolet rays. You can use shades from SPF 20 to SPF 50 according to your phototype.



Taking care of the face CLEANSING is a fundamental step because it keeps the skin healthy and prepared for a better tan.

It is also very important to EXFOLIATE the skin which removes impurities and promotes cell turnover, allowing a faster and longer lasting tan. For more delicate facial skin and more exposed to external factors, a more delicate specific exfoliant is more advisable.



The skin of the face in the summer needs HYDRATION to keep the tissues toned. This is an important action since the sun tends to dry up the elastin fibers.

You can hydrate with light creams and masks are recommended that give an instant and lasting moisturizing effect.