Korea “the paradise” of cosmetics. Let’s find out why?

Over the past 40 years, the Korean cosmetic industry has seen significant growth to become one of the largest cosmetic markets in the world.

But why this? Let’s find out in this article

Seoul’s cosmetic production is considered one of the most innovative and a source of inspiration for western and eastern markets.

This phenomenon is known as the “Korean Wave”. In fact, the Korean success does not only concern cosmetics but also entertainment, music and films which, thanks to the support of the Korean government, have made Korean culture and lifestyle known first in Asia and then throughout the world.

Among the various sectors, the cosmetic one is among the best known. Just think of the so-called “k beauty” in which body care products have become a global trend in recent years. But in the Korean tradition, healthy, radiant, compact skin is not achieved overnight. On the other hand, continuous attention and a lifestyle are required to positively reinforce this attitude.

South Korea has always been considered a cosmetics paradise. Thousands of products are launched every year, a maniacal care for the skin, a resort to cosmetic surgery to pursue defined beauty standards.

Asian beauty ideals almost propose a model with clean, smooth and youthful air with flawless and radiant skin and are willing to invest in beauty products to maintain their appearance represented by an opalescent skin.

The Korean beauty ritual to achieve perfection is represented by 10 steps.

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The consequence is the birth of an in-depth study on skin care, creating a competition that allows it to have a good quality / price ratio.
The Korean national cosmetic industry has invested heavily in research to develop skin care products rather than just treating the issues.

In fact, it is from this concept PREVENTING IS BETTER THAN CURE that Korean culture relies on. In fact, sun protection and wrinkle prevention components are very popular, including creams, bb creams, masks and make-up.
In addition to the healing properties, Korea also attaches particular importance to the use of products, which must be “playful” and fun and also with different, extravagant and playful packaging.


Koreans are very curious and knowledgeable about experimenting with the latest products on the market and in fact gold are willing to easily change their cosmetics portfolio.
In recent years, the use of natural ingredients has increased, such as the Amorepacific brand specializing in the use of Asian herbs in their cosmetics

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Always in search of new products, it is estimated that the Korean cosmetic market is 10 years ahead of the Western one.
The Korean cosmetic market is characterized by a dynamism that is difficult to find in other parts of the world.

Korea is the portrait of a modern, advanced country and they mix tradition with innovation, a perfect mix that has made it famous.


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