Acne: the importance of cleansing with professional products

Cleansing is the first step in skin care that must be done correctly and with the right products based on your skin type. The cleansing of acne-prone skin must be accurate and must be performed in the morning and in the evening with specific products.

But first let’s start to see what acne is and why does it occur?


Acne, scientifically classified under the name of Acne vulgaris, is a widespread dermatological disorder, not only among the very young. Contrary to popular belief, it affects 90% of adolescents but also over 45% of adults.

While the former is referred to as juvenile acne, the latter is known as late (or late) acne. Comedogenic post-adolescent acne, a non-inflammatory form of the disease, is also common in women over the age of 25.

The first characteristic of acne-prone skin is hyperseborrhea, which is the excessive secretion of fatty substances that normally become part of the skin’s protective coating, the so-called hydrolipidic film.

The second important characteristic of acne-prone skin is superficial thickening, a process called hyperkeratinization.

The hardening causes the occlusion of the small ducts (sebaceous follicles) that carry the sebum from the glands that produce it to the skin surface. The sebum left closed inside favors the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium that physiologically lives in the skin.

When its presence exceeds normal levels, this microorganism irritates the skin, triggering the production of substances involved in inflammation. As a result of these phenomena the follicle swells, reddens and hardens, forming a pimple.


It is essential to have particular care for acne-prone skin through the use of products formulated specifically for this problem, which are therefore capable of intervening on the compromised areas and helping to gently normalize the skin.

The first step for proper skincare is consequently an extremely sensitive cleansing with a rebalancing action. The purpose of a good cleanser, in fact, is to thoroughly remove impurities and excess sebum, without triggering rebound phenomena due to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands. It must therefore purify the skin, protecting it without irritating it, and helping to promote skin repair processes.

Like HISTOLAB who in their laboratories have created a professional line specifically to prevent and treat acne “ACNEX SCIENCE”


Alpha Acnex Science Cleansing Foam from the Histolab Home Care Series is a skin cleansing foam with a powerful inflammation-reducing effect. The product contains saponin, which fights bacteria and has a quick soothing effect on inflamed areas.

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And also the CNP LABORATORY purifing foaming cleanser that creates a light facial foam for acne-sensitive skin, removes dirt from pores and exfoliates dead skin cells without irritating the skin.


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