Omega Injection Oxygen Mini Water Spray – Home Oxygen Therapy Machine 2019

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Omega Injection Oxygen Water Spray has several fields of application:

1. Skin rejuvenation, removal of facial imperfections,tighten hair pores, deep cleansing and improve flexibility and skin tone.
2. Removal of the scar; Remove the scar caused by laser treatment, burns, surgery etc.
3. Wrinkle removal
4. Removal of acne, comedons, blackheads and acne scars
5. Soothe inflammation

Features and benefits:

1. New idea for skin rejuvenation, a safe treatment with a good result.
2. Safe and effective for all skin types.
3. Friendly, easy-to-use design.
The oxygen injection machine delivers 98% purified oxygen and activates nutritional distillation on rooted skin through impulsive force to speed up cell metabolism, whiten and re-solidify the skin.

How to use:

1. Clean :clean the face and dry it slightly

2. Oxygen application: apply the oil the essence or serum according to the different skin of the face and use the oxygen injector to inject oxygen along the texture of the skin of the face, doing the facial massage.

Warning: Rotate the pressure to 2 L/M when you apply oxygen. The duration of treatment is 30 minutes.

Be careful to administer oxygen on the skin of the eyelid as it is very delicate.


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