Here’s where to buy Vanav UP 5 and UP 6

In this article dedicated to the vanav up6 device we will talk about:

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routine skincare with vanav

Here’s how to best use the beautiful devices up5 and up6, combining vanav cosmetic products.

1.  Put your vanav UP in cleansing mode and use the “deep cleansing toner” that will allow you to remove all make-up residues and cleanse your face of dead cells.

This procedure will allow your skin to optimally absorb all the other cosmetics.

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2. apply a dedicated serum according to the type of skin. 

Apply the serum all over the face and around the eyes. Use the eyes and moisture or facial mode to increase absorption.

Do you want to hydrate? use blue serum

Do you want to firm up? use purple serum

Do you want to lighten the skin? use red serum

Do you want to reduce sebum and improve your acne problems? use green serum


There is a solution for everything!

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3. uses Vanav cosmetics night cream based on concentrated vitamin C. Did you know that UP 5 and 6 have a special mode for vitamin C?

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and illuminant for your face.

Do this treatment 2-3 times a week to give shine to your face again.

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4. Use the firming face cream by Vanav Cosmetics. This cream is rich in natural components including:

triple hyaluronic acid
idebenone with lightening and antioxidant action (idebenone is a much more active principle than Coenzyme Q10. It is so small that it manages to permeate the skin very well and repair cellular damage from free radicals)
beta glucan

Use moisture or facial mode to increase absorption

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all videos for using vanav up5 and up6



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