KBC is a supplier of FFP2 / NK95 masks – pulse oximeters and remote thermometers for emergency COVID-19

KBC demonstrates a constant commitment to finding FFP2/NK95 type masks in the Asian market. We help European companies broker up with Chinese suppliers for all “emergency covid-19” products.

The world’s largest maker of masks remains China. That’s why KBC has made agreements with many Chinese mask companies. Our agents in China make direct contact with the makers of masks.

KBC offers quality in its selection. Only masks with certain requirements including CE certification and good manufacturing standards are selected. KBC’s commercial agents perform quality checks on the samples of masks on behalf of our customers.

KBC offers the opportunity for brokerage between European customer and Chinese manufacturer.

We have exported over 200,000 ffp2 masks, 2500 pulsoxometers and 3500 remote infrared thermometers since February 2020.

Our customers have always been satisfied with our work.

If you are a European company and need to buy ffp2 masks with valve or without, pulsoxometers or remote infrared thermometers, medical latex or nitrile gloves, turn to KBC!

Our guarantee is also the payment method. We mainly accept paypal payments, the system that guarantees you 100 your purchases. Don’t know what paypal is? It’s simple and safe.
For more information on paypal CLICK HERE.

How does our service work?
Contact us at info@koreabeautycosmetics.com and make your request.
We can fulfill orders up to 20,000 masks, 300 pulsoxometers 300 thermometers per week.
Payment is made early via paypal.
We begin negotiations with our agents in China only after receiving payment.

It is extremely difficult to buy large sums of masks from the Chinese market. That’s why we prefer to fulfill orders in not too high numbers. Market conditions change rapidly and we can work very well on non-consistent numbers.

If you need many pieces then we have to split orders in several weeks.

We can find your products in 5-7 working and we entrust the shipment to our DHL or FEDEX couriers who depart directly from China.

We assist you in clearing the goods and provide you with all the necessary documents for the fulfillment of customs paperwork.

100 of our customers is satisfied!

If you are a company contact us at info@koreabeautycosmetics.com

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