The scrub consists of exfoliating the skin of the body or face to free it from dead cells and restore its softness and elasticity. The main purpose is to encourage cell turnover and tissue renewal. Gentle and not too aggressive products are used on the face while stronger preparations can be used on the body.
The scrub is a mechanical exfoliation, since the cells are removed through microgranules present in the detergents or using brushes and gloves. A much more suitable exfoliation for the body, in particular for the elbows, knees, back and heel: in these areas the skin is much less sensitive than that of the face.
Council of Dr. Park:
Be careful to use a scrub. Always use a fine-grained scrub. KBC offers you ONLY scrub with fine grain size.
My advice, however, is to use a cleanser suitable for your skin type and pair it with the use of dermabrush (electric brush). CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about.
The dermabrush has very soft brushes that are able to clean your face in a soft way, removing dead cells.
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