Cotton Pad

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This category is dedicated to those devices that help you remove make-up or to pass on the tonic: the make-up pads or discs. It is very important to choose this product carefully. Do you think that many pads that you find around are not 100% cotton and they fray after having soaked them with tonic or cleansing milk. Our KBC pads are 110% pure cotton (often mixed with silk) made up of 4 sheets. This feature makes them unique and capable of removing makeup better and not fraying. Our convenience formats will allow you to buy an excellent product with the maximum discount.We remind you that the sections are active that help you choose the most suitable cosmetic for your needs. If you do not know where to start, visit the section dedicated to SKINCARE STEPS where you will find all the KBC products divided by step; or if you do not know what skin you have or what product to match with your skin type, visit the section WHAT SKIN DO YOU HAVE? where you will find all the associated KBC products for each skin type.
All KBC products are of excellent quality, FDA certified, free of additional substances and not tested on animals
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