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Imagine a concentrate of 50 active anti-aging ingredients that work on your face. Multiply it by three, the number of products involved in the treatment. The result? NCTF®, the anti-age range designed by the brand for completely regenerated skin.
Time passes for everyone. An awareness that seems to falter when the first real wrinkles appear on your face. And, although cosmetic surgery appears to be the fastest and most effective way to cancel a few years, about two-thirds of women admitted that they did not want to resort to any kind of intervention. Among the causes, the fear of an unsatisfactory result or the fear of some error.
This is why Filorga, thanks to its years of research and experimentation, has created an anti-aging treatment that boasts over 50 anti-aging active ingredients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, and antioxidants.
His heart was discovered in 1978 by Dr. Tordjman who, convinced that to prevent skin aging it was necessary to maintain an excellent quality of the skin, formulated the NCTF®, New Cellular Treatment Factor, a revitalizing injectable cocktail.
This complex, thanks to its visible results, has a real reverse effect on 5 of the main indicators of aging: appearance of the complexion, skin tone, dilation of the pores, level of hydration and micro-relief. To make the progress of aesthetic medicine accessible to all, in 2007 the Medi-Cosmetique anti-aging cosmetic line was created whose formulas boasted the famous NCTF®.
Ten years after its launch, to make the results even more visible, Filorga has decided to make a real revolution by injecting the equivalent of an NCTF® vial into each product of the new NCTF® Reverse anti-aging range.


Filler and Biostimulants

Fillmed Filorga MHA 18 – 1 Syringe


Filler and Biostimulants

Fillmed Filorga XHA3 – 1 syringe

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