WHAMISA – Organic Flowers Foam Cleansing Cream 200 ml – Moisturizer protective semowement cleanser

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This cleansing foam gently thanks to the assets from olive oil, shea butter and riceextracts. It effectively removes impurities and frees the pores, without attacking the skin. Thanks to the natural fermentation of plant extracts, the active ingredients are preserved and can be absorbed more easily by the skin,leaving it nourished and hydrated.
How to use it:
  1. Wet your hands and face, apply a small amount of cleanser on your fingers and gently massage it on your face.
  2. Rinse with water
We recommend daily use, morning and evening
For a two-phase cleaning, use the Organic Flowers Foam Cleansing Cream after The Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil
87.28% of ingredients from organic farming.
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