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In this category, once you have obtained the qualification through, you will be able to view wholesale prices of numerous products present in KBC.

Prices will only be shown to authorized users.

Only authorized users will see the price / quantity table inside each product.

To apply for authorization you must be a company with a registration number.

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All the products on this page have VAT excluded prices.

This is an advantage if you are a company.
You will be able to pay for these products without any tax rate that you will pay at the entrance of your country.
The advantage?
the rate exemption formula allows you to pay the tax only once depending on the laws of your country.

Our products stay in our warehouse in the European community, therefore, if you are in the European community, you will not pay any additional taxes.

If we have to ship your products outside the European community, we will find a way to save you money.

Our shipments are fast.
We use DHL.
It takes about 4-5 days to arrive worldwide.

All the products you find in this category are CE marked.


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