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Our import / export service is reserved for company VAT number holders only.

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the most purchased products from our customers

our work philosophy

KBC holds the most famous brands produced in South Korea. Healthy, genuine free of harmful compounds CERTIFIED by FDA Korea and many with Cpnp or CE certification.

If you have found any product that does not have CPNP do not worry! KBC helps you to certify them and make them yours!

Our mask factory can produce the mask you want with your brand for you or you can buy the masks we already produce at a low cost.

We use the best shipping service that guarantees you to be comfortable in your chair and receive your goods in a few days.

Our Import / Export service is active worldwide. We can send goods both in the European community and outside.

We work every day to guarantee competitive prices and high quality products. A service that few can offer.

Who are our customers?

Perfume Stores

Many perfumeries have adopted KBC’s products. Safe importation with high quality products that guarantee the satisfaction of your customer.

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Pharmacies love our products. Many of these have adopted some of our devices for aesthetic medicine. Our masks have also been very successful.

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If you are a beautician or if you have an aesthetic activity KBC products can do for you. Have you seen our hyaluron pen Black and Golden? It is among the most requested products by beauty centers.

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There are several online retailers who love our products. Many of these are found in the USA but also in Europe.
We are happy to share our choices with other retailers!

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We remind you that our services are aimed at companies.

FAQ section

Do you sell to individuals?

The service is dedicated exclusively to corporate companies, clinics, doctors or retailers, however, to anyone who has a VAT number.

Our order minimums depend on the product / s you choose. Generally they go in multiples of 25 pieces.

The waiting time depends on various factors: distance between you and us, customs controls. On average we use to arrive at you within 7 working days after receiving your bank transfer.

Payment is anticipated by bank transfer.

Sure! we are able to supply wholesale goods all over the world especially in the European community because many of our devices are already certified and CE marked. In other countries, additional certifications are often not required.

It depends on the destination country. In the case of a European community, the products must have CPNP certification. In other countries, therefore outside the European Union no further certification is required.

Certainly. It is a service that we offer for remuneration.
We do everything ourselves. You just have to choose the product (s) to import.

Yes. If you are interested in products that do not have the certification, we can get it for remuneration. All our devices have certifications. Before sending your package we will insert all the information material necessary for entry into the destination country.

Sure! to access it you must send us a request to our contact form by click HERE

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