WHAMISA – Organic Flowers Toner Refresh 155 ml – rebalancing rebalancing tonic

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The special formula of this tonic has a refreshing and balancing effect on the skin. Enriched with fermented lotus flowers, citrus extracts and galactomyces moisturizing fungus, it is a very versatile and multifunctionalfacial product. The plant extracts of aloe vera and chrysanthemum are used as the basis in place of distilled water to obtain the maximum of active ingredients. Organic alcohol refreshes the skin, making it more even, refines pores and helps rebalance oily skin.

How to use it:

After cleaning, pour a few drops of toner on a cotton pad or on your fingers and gently dab it over your face
Can be used daily, morning and evening


After use, apply a moisturizer as a final step

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