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VANAV – Hot & Cool Skin Fit Temperature – facelift

The normal body temperature is 36.5oC but the normal skin temperature is 31oC! Always keep your skin temperature healthy and stable with VanaV Hot and Cool Skin Fit. Titanium head for the body, suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. 39oC MODE RECALDAMENT: How to use a hot steam towel and enlarge the pores for a deep clean. 36oC MODE BOOSTER: 36oC similar to human temperature combined with a vibrating massage promote scan touting cosmetics. Enjoy damp and vibrant skin with a facial massage! 13oC RAFFREDDAMENT: Cool those red cheeks burned in the sun! Maintain a moderate skin temperature for the beauty of the skin. 5oC TEMPERATURE OF SERRAGE: 5oC cold as ice combined with vibrating massage winds the skin. Squeeze your relaxed pores for a smooth, elastic facial tone!

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