J.E.ME Dia Cleansing+ Device


The new dual purpose device from J.E.ME has both a silicone facial-cleansing brush and a galvanic ion massaging surface that will improve your everyday skincare. The silicone cleansing brush is made for even the most sensitive skin.

It gently massages low frequency pulses in wrinkle-prone areas to help reduce the visible signs of aging. Regular use not only creates a fresher, more glossy complexion from the start, but also provides a foundation for young, healthy-looking skin.

Dual purpose device featuring silicone cleanser + galvanic massager.

  • 5x cleansing mode & 2x massaging mode
  • 7,200 micro vibrations per minute
  • Waterproof IPX 5
  • Galvanic fine vibration
  • Wireless charging
  • Designed and manufactured in Korea
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