HERMOTE – BIO PATCH – stem filler argirelin – hyaluronic

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HERMOTE – BIO PATCH – stem filler argirelin – hyaluronic

What are the components of HermoTe Bio Patch?

Hyaluronic acid , main component refreshes your skin day after day.

Argirene is a non-toxic, harmless and safe substance that can limit the reaction of muscles such as muscle movement and contraction and can be used as botulinum toxin. Unlike existing botulinum a toxin, argirelin does not destroy proteins. DONA JUSTMPITE An IMMEDIATE LIFTING EFFECT WITH SIMIL BOTOX EFFECT




Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing factor that gives maximum elasticity to the skin.

The benefits of HermoTe Bio Patch are as follows.
1. The HermoTe Bio patch is very effective because it has the ability to penetrate directly into the skin.
2. The HermoTe Bio patch does not cause pain to the user as it has “dissolved micro-structures”
3. The HermoTe Bio patch is free of
antiseptic and chemical substances
4. The HermoTe Bio patch allows active ingredients to melt in the skin when applied to the skin. 5. The HermoTe Bio patch is easy to use, transport and store.

Content: 1 envelope containing 2 patches

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