Korean routine skincare

Korean skincare routine : 10 steps for perfect skin
A well-made Skin Care Routine has 10 steps to do morning and evening. Here’s how to take care of your skin step by step

In the last year there has been a growing tendency to resort to Korean skin care, a series of steps to be carried out twice a day (morning and evening) to cleanse, hydrate and make compact our skin and have a face always young and rested.

1. Cleansing oil
The first step involves removing makeup, dust residue and smog from the skin. You can use coconut oil massaged directly onto the skin and removed with a cotton floppy.

2. Foamy cleaner
The second step is to remove the oil residue sour by using a gel or mousse cleaner. We can use a brush dermabrush property to take away dead cells.

3. Exfoliation
After cleaning the skin, we move on to the removal of dead cells. You can decide whether to make this step every day or just a couple of times a week, depending on the type of skin you have.

4. Facial tonic
This product will serve to eliminate all inventories of previously used substances and restore the balance of the epidermis. We recommend that you do not use alcohol-containing products to avoid being too aggressive.

5. Essence
A particular compound, definitely rare to find in our country, which gives an additional moisturizing intake, preparing the skin for subsequent treatments, such as serum and moisturizer.

6. Serum
This treatment is also very well known in our country and applies before moisturizer to energize our skin. Thanks to the spread of Korean skin care, now, we find even the eastern brands on the market.

7. Fabric Mask
Now is the time for your face mask, finally a moment’s break from the frantic use of products, you can put it on your face and relax. Of course you can’t generalize, every type of skin is different, so choose one that fits your face and don’t forget to get eye dyes as well.

8. Eye Outline
One of the fundamental products for the care of our face, because it targets one of the most delicate areas. By tapping the cream with your fingertips all over the area, you will promote absorption.

9. Face cream
The variety you can choose in this field is potentially unlimited. In case of oily skin, opt for a gel, lighter and easier to absorb, while if your skin is dry you can orient yourself to a richer solution to hydrate it more.

10. Sunscreen or night mask
The last step of our beauty routine is different between day and evening. In the case of the morning you need to apply a sunscreen to the skin to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin, in and prevent premature aging of the skin. The base of the sunscreen is very full-bodied and that is why it is applied last. Alternatively, for the evening you can use a night mask that will tighten the pores, soothe the redness and smooth the skin.

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