KBC blogger search: FREE WITH US!

KoreaBeautyCosmetics researches Beauty Blogger and offers concrete work

Our passion is like yours! We love our products and we are looking for people who want to introduce them to their audience as well.

Our products are selected because we want users to buy the best products. Our brands come from South Korea.

Do you have the same passion as us?

Are you a Blogger and you deal with cosmetic products?



KBC opens an affiliate program, if you have a blog or are active on social media you can review and make our products known and earn at the same time.

For every sale made by people who come from your blog, social, you will receive a share of 10% of the price of the products, for all the products that the customer will buy after reading your contribution!

KBC pays you your paypal account (required) by the end of the month.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your passion and review our products!

what the BBC campaign is all about

this campaign consists of researching bloggers competent in their work who are passionate about cosmetics, Korean cosmetics, all that is beauty. All they have to do is review the products, publishing later through their channels, reviews that refer to the product present on Kbc.

Kbc staff will be able to track all likely purchases generated by your review. You will be in the same world able to follow the progress of your posts/articles as we will provide you with the means to follow the whole thing.

how to sign up

It’s very simple! just send an email to our contacts: info@koreabeautycosmetics.com

Write BBC candidacy in the subject of your email

requirements to participate

Our staff will read all applications. In order to participate, you must communicate:

  • website
  • instagram account
  • facebook account
  • have experience as a beauty blogger
  • paypal account to receive earnings

If you don’t have a url site don’t worry. We’re going to give it to you!

how much you earn

Once you’ve approved your participation, you’ll be able to receive up to 10% of commissions on orders placed by users coming from your links. Your gain will be on the total order that user will make.

how do you make more money?

If you manage to make a profit of 100 dollars, you will become part of the Beauty Blogger Premium.

Entering this circle means receiving a free sample of products. So you can test all the new Korean cosmetics and talk to your admirers.

To maintain the degree of Beauty Blogger Premium, you need to get in a month 100 euros of profit.

If you’re participating in our KBC CODE FOR YOUR BUY campaign


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