Soothing Gel

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The gel is a water-based formulation compared to the cream. However, KBC products are formulated with the cream-gel soft criterion, which have a high absorption.
Due to their capabilities, these types of products are suitable for oily skins and are not suitable for hydration.
They can be used for the body where they have a slightly moisturizing and refreshing function.Often, one wonders: what are the main differences between creams and gels?
And which is the most suitable product for dry skin? It is in fact less oily products of oils and butters. In addition, they are easily spreadable cosmetics, in particular compared to butters or waxes. The gels are particularly appreciated cosmetic formulations because they have a light and non-greasy consistency, are easily spreadable and are quickly absorbed.
Each company was born in South Korea with a specific goal: to protect your skin. They are dermatological and beauty products that improve the attitudes of your skin. All KBC products are selected for the needs of each biotype.
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