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Just Everyday Me


“Just Everyday Me” are the three words that are prevalent in each and every individual in this era of selfies and social media where everything is about them.

With all the social media content that try to influence you to be something that you’re
not, J.E.ME brand encourages you to create your own identity and individuality.

We feel that having your own identity is what makes you beautiful. J.E.ME brand strives to make each individual feel healthy, attractive and more confident.


Our Story

J.E.ME brand was created by Vince Lee as a tribute to his sister for all her years of hard work in building a successful company and her endless passion for the beauty industry.

The brand name J.E.ME was inspired by Vince's sister Jamie Lee, who has worked in the beauty industry for over 16 years. For over a decade, Glotrek Trade, Inc. has been influencing, promoting and shaping unknown brands from both Korea and Japan into best-selling, recognizable brand names.

With their vast experience and expertise in beauty, sales, marketing and design, Jamie and Vince finally introduce their own brand of cosmetics, skincare and even beauty devices to the global market.