7 Korean Makeup Trends you Need to Try (by Eliza Brooks)

K-Pop, K-Drama, and Korean fashion, these are trends any teenager and adult will hear in the world of fashion. In turn, people from all over the world have also welcomed the Korean fashion invasion. Not only because they’re so hip and cool, but also because they’re typically different from what we’re used to.

Apart from the Hongdae Street Style fashion we’ve known to love, women have also been fond of Korean makeup. They’re fresh and extremely unique from the Western makeup style we’re always wearing day in and day out. And in this article, we’ll share seven Korean makeup trends that will make you feel like a full-fledged Korean superstar.


1. Dog-eyed liners

Almost all women in the world would love the cat-eye liner. This is excellent for any kind of occasion whether you’re attending a daytime or nighttime event. But the Korean eye makeup is exactly the opposite.

While a cat-eye look would entail a black or brown eyeliner like this Hera waterproof high-definition eyeliner to drastically slope upwards on the outer corner of your eyes, the dog-eyed look means you’re drawing your liner slightly downwards. This is on top of the black or brown liner on your upper lash lines.


2. Straight eyebrows

There is one distinct thing about Korean women, especially their eyebrows and that’s having no-curve brows. While women love to paint their perfect eyebrow curves that are always on-fleek, the straight eyebrow look is more youthful and friendlier.

Here’s how you can achieve the straight brows look:

  • Cover both ends of your brows starting from where it starts to curve downwards with glue
  • Make the layer of glue very thin so you can cover it with concealer
  • Blend well
  • Forming a straight line from the inside of your brow to the tip, use a pencil to carefully draw the shape
  • Blend with an eyebrow brush


3. Highlighter glow

If you prefer the subtler Korean makeup trend, try the highlighter glow. Grab a highlighter color that matches your skin color. Dash some highlighter on your cheekbones, then under the eyebrows, and on your nose bridge, and you’re all set to strut your look in public. And don’t forget some pink blush to put some color on your cheeks.


4. Korean lips

Another way to wear lipstick aside from a full lip color is the gradient lips. And this Korean gradient lip look is perfect for your cosplay hero costume too! Plus, it’s extremely easy to achieve.

All you have to do is grab a moisturizing concealer stick and cover the entire lips. Then using a pink or bright rouge lip color, dab it on the middle of your lips. Using a brush or foundation blender, try to blend the color outwards.


5. Fake freckles

Most Koreans have fair, smooth skin and what better way to add oomph to that flawless skin than to have fake freckles. This will take you minutes to apply and all you need is a brown eyeliner. Try a waterproof one so that it sticks no matter what the weather conditions are.

Just simply put dots on your nose bridge and cheeks. Try to make it look natural by giving it an uneven spacing. And voila, instant freckles! You may also pair this with the gradient lip look.


6. Glittery eyes

To give some shine to those eyes, put on some glitter on your upper and lower eyelids. Unlike the smoky eye look from the West, Koreans use minimal eyeliners. But what you can do to create a balance yet still make your look captivating is to add some glitters all over your eyes. To emphasize the glitter, skip your eyeliner for this look and make sure to put in a generous amount of mascara like this Hera waterproof mascara.


7. Glossy look

Koreans are bringing their A-game when it comes to the “glossy” lips look. Put on some moisturizer all over your face to make it shine. You may even try a cream with subtle glitters to make your face sparkle. You can put on some nude lip color and grab the glossiest lip balm that you have.


Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about games, costume play, fiction, and more. She is currently working with cosplay hero, the world’s leading online cosplay shop for costumes.